A friend, a foe and a place to go

So our heroes found their way out of The Devoted’s lair by dispatching a chaos beast that was eating denizens of Jawaharat. They defiled The Devoted’s iconography and then entered into the jewel of the desert.
Claudia, interested in what she can find, seeks out a wand shop where she window shops (really just casing the joint) and then returns to the party.
That night, Claudia breaks into the wand shop and pilfers the items she coveted just a few hours before. However, a mysterious stranger tripped the alarm spells, sending Claudia into the night running for her life.
Meanwhile, Bane, Fervis Ignis, and Derrek all look about the city for things to make themselves stronger for the upcoming fight. They come across an interesting gnome who acts as though he knows the party and what they need to do. This gnome is Grimlock, the mighty wizard who honed his magic in the First Age of Feldasha and now is a boon or a thorn to people who seek to disrupt the balance.
Grimlock also meets with Claudia, and tries to get her to further her movement toward the Raven Queen, but Claudia is resistant.



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