Consequences, consequences

Claudia made it out alive from the Cloudkill estate in Baladust with the black book in hand. She dipped into an alley and put the names inside to memory, leaving the book behind. Claudia races back to the Inn to create a forgery for the people who want the book.
Fervis is taken aside by Filima and is coerced into taking the cleric back to Jawarahat and back to the desert he came from, Filima is not done with her quest to stop The Devoted.
Derrick returns to the temple and talks to Bookbinder Bishop Frey and learns more about Filima’s past. He was sent on this quest by his master Bookbinder Dane to help an old friend, Filima’s father, who is a cleric in Taisi. The two were young clerics together, adventuring the lands looking for a lost temple to Ioun in the town of Brindol. The two could never find the old temple, and it still stands lost to this day. Bookbinder Bishop sends Derrek to bring him the book that Claudia has stolen.
Claudia is visited by a strange creature, a mind flayer known as Ickthilian who teases Claudia and tells her she has a choice, leave The Devoted alone, or die.
Claudia creates a fake book for her assassin friend, and then tries to make another for Derrek, but is unsuccessful. Derrek takes the bad book to Bishop, who burns it in the temple’s fire.
Claudia and Fervis then create a fervor, drinking and stealing from captains in the port city of Taisi, even stealing the deed to a ship. The group leave Filima to her father, hoping that she will stay with him and be gone from their side.
Walking back to the Inn together as a group, the three adventurers encounter Ickthilian and some drow hunters along the road. After a quick attack, things looked bleak for the party, until Fervis grabbed one of his teleport stones and crushed it, transporting the three to the lair of The Devoted……..
Leading to this week’s episode: “Into the belly of the beast!”



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