The adventure begins

Our heroes come together in the most interesting of ways, a chance encounter as Derrek and Claudia head south from the town of Brindol. The pair have some witty banter back and forth, with Claudia showing Derrek her fancy dagger tricks and Derrick not being amused.
The pair then come across three filthy runaway slaves in Fervis Ignis, Filima, and Dar’Tran. Derrek recognizes Filima as the Cleric of Ioun he was sent to rescue from his Order, and rushes to help her. Claudia, unimpressed by the group, thinks about continuing along the road to get her payout in Baladust.
It is then that tragedy strikes the slaves, as Dar’Tran’s slave collar activates, allowing The Devoted to track the group. Crying, Filima makes the decision to kill the love of her life, and then removes his head and collar, throwing the collar in the river and then making a dead sprint toward Brindol.
The three left behind, Claudia, Derrek, and Fervis, all sit and wonder what to do before hunters from The Devoted descend on their location. The three dispatch the two drow hunters and a displacer beast, then take off after Filima. Fervis and Claudia each collect a stone from the drow hunters that remain always warm to the touch.
After staying the night in Brindol in Claudia’s secret hideout, the three head to Rivalia to meet with Filima’s elven mother Mishka.
In Rivalia, Mishka and Filima have an altercation of words, with Mishka upset that Filima has brought this mess to her door. Mishka removes the collars from Filima and Fervis, with Claudia throwing both into her bag of holding.
After some work in the streets earning money from Claudia, the group hit the road again, this time traveling with Filima to the port town of Taisi. The group decides to make a stop in Baladust to collect some money promised to Claudia at the Wheat and Mead.
There, the group is caught up in political intrigue as the thieves’ guild hires the group to steal the black book of town Lord Jonathan Cloudkill, a politician to the core who decries the use of slaves and swears to end the practice by any means necessary. However, it is discovered that Cloudkill himself is one of the many slavers of the region, and must be taken down a peg or two.
Discovering his love of the more kinky of sexual proclivities, the group infiltrate an area brothel where Cloudkill frequents. With Derrek using pain to get in and then escape, and Claudia using her feminine whiles to talk her way in, things start to get interesting inside the house…. Then Fervis literally turned up the heat, setting fire to the building.
Cloudkill rushes over many young girls on his way out, getting by Claudia. However, Derrek thinks fast and casts inflict pain on Cloudkill, sending him to the ground. Claudia helps him up and gets him away from the brothel and back to his mansion, where she then infiltrates.
Using some skillful pulls from her bag of tricks, Claudia is able to take the appearance of Cloudkill’s wife, and through a skillful bluff get Cloudkill to leave the bedroom. Claudia then grabs the blackbook and dives from the window, hitting the ground running, ending the session and setting up Friday’s game entitled…..
Consequences. Consequences



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