The problem with falafels

With Bane separated from the party by a parade of revelers, Claudia, Derrek, and Fervis Ignis head to the slave quarter of Jawaharat to make some trouble.
On the way, the group were delayed by a water dragon (or was it a water elemental dragon, or a elemental of water that took the shape of a dragon…… anyway).
Claudia, who had searched quite well for a falafel on her morning walk, saw an opportunity and threw her tasty treat into the water, trying to get the dragon to return, but to no effect.
The trio then found their way to the many food stands along the outskirts of the Ma’alhaya. There, Claudia and Derrek begin throwing things to distract the dragon to no avail, Claudia doing damage with her pilfered wands along the way. They then find oil and throw the oil on the water dragon and lit it aflame, creating quite a pretty show for the people who didn’t run away screaming when a dragon came out of the oasis.
Quickly the Jawarahat Police Department (JPD) responded and almost stole the finishing blow from our grand party of adventurers. The steel-faced leader Skola jumped in to deliver some damage, but in the end the party defeated the beast and returned it to the plane of water.
Skola, an ifrit bloodrager and enslaved right hand to Queen Latham, then stonily invites the party to come to the palace to have dinner with the Queen.
The trio, thinking they should just keep doing what they set out to do instead of squirreling off on a tangent, then made it to the slave quarter, where a female drow was making quite the ruckus, whipping 5 different people and screaming that there was a new order in town, and The Devoted were going to crack down on the city.
Our heroes decided to do something, and Fervis and Derrek deftly climbed to the top of the buildings surrounding the area. Claudia, in a moment of haste coupled with the sadness of a lost falafel along the way, took a face plant into the wall when she tried to go up to the roofs, deciding afterward to just take in the scenery from the ground.
Derrek took aim at the drow, but Fervis stumbled into him, making the inquisitor’s first arrow fail to find the mark.
Derrek took aim again, this time finding the mark, pinning the drow woman’s hand to one of the pillars. Fervis at the same time as the shot put down a smoke bomb, and the duo were able to hastily run away from the scene, Claudia on their tails.
The three then went around to the other side of the quarter, where they saw the selling stall and were all the slaves come up from underground.
Fervis split away from the party in silence, maybe seeing an old friend.
Derrek and Claudia then looked around the selling stall, infiltrating a warehouse full of grains and almost getting into a warehouse full of something that was said but shouldn’t have been.
Derrek and Claudia then decided to return to the inn to recover and plan their next move.
And maybe grab one last falafel along the way.



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