Fervis Ignis

Ifrit ninja


A lost chieftain from the nomadic tribes that hunt the Alasshra Mamnue. Fervis is a ninja chieftain who lost his tribe and is now adventuring across the globe.

Enslaved after a raid that cost him his entire tribe, Fervis became a slave. With a collar around his neck, Fervis is bought and sold throughout the Jawrahat markets, eventually being sold to some traders headed to Taisi.
Meeting Filima and her love Dar’Tran, Fervis was able to escape to Baladust with the help of the temple of Ioun.
In Baladust Fervis came in contact with an old man who was also housing slaves. The old man wanted them to stay with him, but through Dar’Tran’s actions the party escaped the house and were met by a hunter from The Devoted.
Taking care of the hunter, the party made for the river that flows from Melora’s Spire and the city of Rivalia.

Fervis Ignis

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