The problem with falafels

With Bane separated from the party by a parade of revelers, Claudia, Derrek, and Fervis Ignis head to the slave quarter of Jawaharat to make some trouble.
On the way, the group were delayed by a water dragon (or was it a water elemental dragon, or a elemental of water that took the shape of a dragon…… anyway).
Claudia, who had searched quite well for a falafel on her morning walk, saw an opportunity and threw her tasty treat into the water, trying to get the dragon to return, but to no effect.
The trio then found their way to the many food stands along the outskirts of the Ma’alhaya. There, Claudia and Derrek begin throwing things to distract the dragon to no avail, Claudia doing damage with her pilfered wands along the way. They then find oil and throw the oil on the water dragon and lit it aflame, creating quite a pretty show for the people who didn’t run away screaming when a dragon came out of the oasis.
Quickly the Jawarahat Police Department (JPD) responded and almost stole the finishing blow from our grand party of adventurers. The steel-faced leader Skola jumped in to deliver some damage, but in the end the party defeated the beast and returned it to the plane of water.
Skola, an ifrit bloodrager and enslaved right hand to Queen Latham, then stonily invites the party to come to the palace to have dinner with the Queen.
The trio, thinking they should just keep doing what they set out to do instead of squirreling off on a tangent, then made it to the slave quarter, where a female drow was making quite the ruckus, whipping 5 different people and screaming that there was a new order in town, and The Devoted were going to crack down on the city.
Our heroes decided to do something, and Fervis and Derrek deftly climbed to the top of the buildings surrounding the area. Claudia, in a moment of haste coupled with the sadness of a lost falafel along the way, took a face plant into the wall when she tried to go up to the roofs, deciding afterward to just take in the scenery from the ground.
Derrek took aim at the drow, but Fervis stumbled into him, making the inquisitor’s first arrow fail to find the mark.
Derrek took aim again, this time finding the mark, pinning the drow woman’s hand to one of the pillars. Fervis at the same time as the shot put down a smoke bomb, and the duo were able to hastily run away from the scene, Claudia on their tails.
The three then went around to the other side of the quarter, where they saw the selling stall and were all the slaves come up from underground.
Fervis split away from the party in silence, maybe seeing an old friend.
Derrek and Claudia then looked around the selling stall, infiltrating a warehouse full of grains and almost getting into a warehouse full of something that was said but shouldn’t have been.
Derrek and Claudia then decided to return to the inn to recover and plan their next move.
And maybe grab one last falafel along the way.

A friend, a foe and a place to go

So our heroes found their way out of The Devoted’s lair by dispatching a chaos beast that was eating denizens of Jawaharat. They defiled The Devoted’s iconography and then entered into the jewel of the desert.
Claudia, interested in what she can find, seeks out a wand shop where she window shops (really just casing the joint) and then returns to the party.
That night, Claudia breaks into the wand shop and pilfers the items she coveted just a few hours before. However, a mysterious stranger tripped the alarm spells, sending Claudia into the night running for her life.
Meanwhile, Bane, Fervis Ignis, and Derrek all look about the city for things to make themselves stronger for the upcoming fight. They come across an interesting gnome who acts as though he knows the party and what they need to do. This gnome is Grimlock, the mighty wizard who honed his magic in the First Age of Feldasha and now is a boon or a thorn to people who seek to disrupt the balance.
Grimlock also meets with Claudia, and tries to get her to further her movement toward the Raven Queen, but Claudia is resistant.

You want to see a magic trick?

So our heroes believe they have teleported away from danger, only to arrive right into the center of danger, right into the place The Devoted bring their new slaves for processing before taking them to market in Jawaharat.
The three enter the facility and see an old man standing watch. He reaches for his staff to alarm everyone of the parties’ presence, but he then gets a glimpse of Fervis Ignis who has been here before in his time as a slaver for his tribe.
Fervis, instead of talking to the old man, knocks him out cold, leaving the party to enter into the facility quietly.
They enter the next room and discover a drow tying up Bane a human barbarian who is from the Nomadic Tribes of the great desert Alasshra Mamnue. the party attacks the drow, and Bane frees himself with a heroic act of strength. After dispatching the drow, the party begins to plunder the rooms around the sorting chamber. Bane finds his beloved obsidian axe, and feels the power pulse through his veins.
The party splits up, with Derrek and Claudia taking one hallway while Fervis and Bane take the other.
Derrek opens the first door, and pretty much sees nothing, after hearing breathing sounds before opening the door. Claudia steps in and sees two displacer beasts. She sets off a glitter bomb in the room, pulls the door shut, and begins to run. Derrek runs on her heels.
Claudia turns the corner and activates her illusionary dragon to put another obstacle in the way of the beasts if they decide to follow.
Meanwhile, Fervis and Bane enter the second door. Fervis, who is not a very perceptive fellow, sees a few dogs in the room. Bane steps in, and the three hell hounds attack.
The pair take a moment to dispatch the pair, while Derrek and Claudia enter the fray.
A poor drow enters the room and is easily dispatched, and the party searches the living area and finds a few new interesting magical items.
The party then makes their way south, through a very long hallway. They enter the dining room and discover nothing there, nothing except a lot of plates left in a hurry.
Fervis wonders which way they left, but realizes that you can’t really track someone from a plate on a table,
Fervis then opens the door to the kitchen. Disguised as a drow to help make his way through encounters, Fervis looks in and with his perception sees a drow looking over the cooking areas.
Fervis enters and walks in, hoping to kill the drow quickly. Sadly, it is not just any drow, but the party sees as the upper torso and head of a drow are attached to the body of a giant spider. The drider looks at Fervis, and says something in undercommon, a language that Fervis doesn’t know but is the normal language of the drow.
After Fervis makes a snippy remark, combat begins. The party attacks the drider with strength and speed, taking some damage from his lightning bolt and his heavy mace.
It was then that Claudia reached into her Bag of Tricks and produced a wand of phantasmal killer. She points the wand at the drider, and the horrors of Lloth enter the mind of the beast, forcing him to cower and die.
Her words to the drider, “Want to see a magic trick?” echo through the kitchen.
Fervis drops his spear, and walks away, proclaiming Claudia a wizard.
Bane stares at Claudia in awe.
The party rests then, still on alert with adrenaline flowing from the encounter.
And that’s where we leave our heroes until the next time.

Consequences, consequences

Claudia made it out alive from the Cloudkill estate in Baladust with the black book in hand. She dipped into an alley and put the names inside to memory, leaving the book behind. Claudia races back to the Inn to create a forgery for the people who want the book.
Fervis is taken aside by Filima and is coerced into taking the cleric back to Jawarahat and back to the desert he came from, Filima is not done with her quest to stop The Devoted.
Derrick returns to the temple and talks to Bookbinder Bishop Frey and learns more about Filima’s past. He was sent on this quest by his master Bookbinder Dane to help an old friend, Filima’s father, who is a cleric in Taisi. The two were young clerics together, adventuring the lands looking for a lost temple to Ioun in the town of Brindol. The two could never find the old temple, and it still stands lost to this day. Bookbinder Bishop sends Derrek to bring him the book that Claudia has stolen.
Claudia is visited by a strange creature, a mind flayer known as Ickthilian who teases Claudia and tells her she has a choice, leave The Devoted alone, or die.
Claudia creates a fake book for her assassin friend, and then tries to make another for Derrek, but is unsuccessful. Derrek takes the bad book to Bishop, who burns it in the temple’s fire.
Claudia and Fervis then create a fervor, drinking and stealing from captains in the port city of Taisi, even stealing the deed to a ship. The group leave Filima to her father, hoping that she will stay with him and be gone from their side.
Walking back to the Inn together as a group, the three adventurers encounter Ickthilian and some drow hunters along the road. After a quick attack, things looked bleak for the party, until Fervis grabbed one of his teleport stones and crushed it, transporting the three to the lair of The Devoted……..
Leading to this week’s episode: “Into the belly of the beast!”

The adventure begins

Our heroes come together in the most interesting of ways, a chance encounter as Derrek and Claudia head south from the town of Brindol. The pair have some witty banter back and forth, with Claudia showing Derrek her fancy dagger tricks and Derrick not being amused.
The pair then come across three filthy runaway slaves in Fervis Ignis, Filima, and Dar’Tran. Derrek recognizes Filima as the Cleric of Ioun he was sent to rescue from his Order, and rushes to help her. Claudia, unimpressed by the group, thinks about continuing along the road to get her payout in Baladust.
It is then that tragedy strikes the slaves, as Dar’Tran’s slave collar activates, allowing The Devoted to track the group. Crying, Filima makes the decision to kill the love of her life, and then removes his head and collar, throwing the collar in the river and then making a dead sprint toward Brindol.
The three left behind, Claudia, Derrek, and Fervis, all sit and wonder what to do before hunters from The Devoted descend on their location. The three dispatch the two drow hunters and a displacer beast, then take off after Filima. Fervis and Claudia each collect a stone from the drow hunters that remain always warm to the touch.
After staying the night in Brindol in Claudia’s secret hideout, the three head to Rivalia to meet with Filima’s elven mother Mishka.
In Rivalia, Mishka and Filima have an altercation of words, with Mishka upset that Filima has brought this mess to her door. Mishka removes the collars from Filima and Fervis, with Claudia throwing both into her bag of holding.
After some work in the streets earning money from Claudia, the group hit the road again, this time traveling with Filima to the port town of Taisi. The group decides to make a stop in Baladust to collect some money promised to Claudia at the Wheat and Mead.
There, the group is caught up in political intrigue as the thieves’ guild hires the group to steal the black book of town Lord Jonathan Cloudkill, a politician to the core who decries the use of slaves and swears to end the practice by any means necessary. However, it is discovered that Cloudkill himself is one of the many slavers of the region, and must be taken down a peg or two.
Discovering his love of the more kinky of sexual proclivities, the group infiltrate an area brothel where Cloudkill frequents. With Derrek using pain to get in and then escape, and Claudia using her feminine whiles to talk her way in, things start to get interesting inside the house…. Then Fervis literally turned up the heat, setting fire to the building.
Cloudkill rushes over many young girls on his way out, getting by Claudia. However, Derrek thinks fast and casts inflict pain on Cloudkill, sending him to the ground. Claudia helps him up and gets him away from the brothel and back to his mansion, where she then infiltrates.
Using some skillful pulls from her bag of tricks, Claudia is able to take the appearance of Cloudkill’s wife, and through a skillful bluff get Cloudkill to leave the bedroom. Claudia then grabs the blackbook and dives from the window, hitting the ground running, ending the session and setting up Friday’s game entitled…..
Consequences. Consequences


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