Cré Gluaiseacht

The Moving Earth

Known as “Cré” to those who live there, the main continent of Feldasha is an immense land of diversity and wonder. From the forests of Ulomia with it’s fierce monsters and a city as fierce and desperate, to the southern city of Baladust who feeds the mouths of Cré, the continent is expansive and wondrous.

Ulomia: The large human city in the forest corner of the map. Ulomia has large, beaten castle walls all around the city as the forest outside the walls is a dangerous one full of monsters. Ulomia also serves as a distributor of lumber across the continent as the main woodland area on the continent. It comes at a high price as the army of Ulomia and the legions of monsters fight for acres at a time.

Baladust- A medium-sized village in the grasslands on the west side of the continent. Baladust grows a large portion of the continents’ food, with massive farmlands stretched out for miles and miles. Baladust is against slavery, but there have been rumors that some of the landowners have used slaves to get the harvests in on time. The Baron of the village Jonathan Cloudkill is determined to stop slavery in his lands by any means.

Rivalia: The elven sanctuary on the Cré continent. The elves of Rivalia are a wonderous people, living within the nature of the host mountain and the woods along the sides and top of the mountain. Rivalia wraps around and around Melora’s spire, nestled against the side of the crags and deep within the treetops of the massive asps and cottonwoods that populate the tree line. The trees creep closer and closer to the peak of the tall mountain every day, a showing of power for the druid clan of elves and their connection to Melora’s love.

Brindol: The human city at the bottom of Melora’s spire. Brindol has made a life of trading with the elves of RIvalia. There is a good relationship between these two towns, to the point that many half-elves live in the lowlands between the two cities. It is said that nothing can break the bond of trust between Rivalia and Brindol.

Smokehammer: The dwarven stronghold. Not much information comes from the bottomless pits and fires of the Smokehammer clans. The massive cities underground mostly take their wares and deal them to the humans outside their homes just to keep the humans away from the mountain itself. The dwarfs are very, very possessive of the mountain range and all that sits beneath it. This gives rise to quite a few angry arguments between passers-by.

Ferris: The human city that collects most of the ores and weapons for much of the continent. Ferris is a tough city to live in, as the words “bare living” would be meaning a life of extravagance. The streets are lined with beggars and street-rat children begging for food and coin, as they have lost their parents to stupid attempts to take from the mountain, or the parents live a life on the road as part of traveling caravans and don’t take the children. Ferris is rich at the top of the food chain, with the Baron and his closest people holding the power with the agreements with the dwarves. There is no love for those beneath the upper crust, and the city is divided by a 30 foot wall to show it.

The Break: The deep chasm in the southwest part of the continent. Darkness seeps from this place, as it is thought that a gate to the shadow realm resides on the edges of the break. Nobody has tried to explore the break. Stories of loud monster howls coming from the depths have been reported by those who pass by on the way to other lands.

Cré Gluaiseacht

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