Dóiteáin Tailte

The Fire Lands

Not many go the Fire Lands and live to tell the tale. Born from a great calamity that is lost to history, the Fire Lands are a fertile continent. That is, until you hit the mountains. From the mountains inland are a perilous trek that kills weaker men. From there, you reach the Alasshra Mamnue, and make the two day trek to the desert oasis of Jawaharat. If you survive, you have found a diamond in the rough, and just about anything the heart desires.

Major cities

Jawaharat- The jewel of the desert.

Mina’ Aljahim The Northern port city, commerce from Jawaharat to the world flows through these markets.

Muthaqaf The Western city, collector of the lumber from the fire forest to the southwest, Muthaqaf does not like to do business with Jawahrat or Miná Alhahim.

Dóiteáin Tailte

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