Gauithe Marcáilte

Where the wind marks

The lands of Gauithe are shrouded in mystery. The elves of the Forever Forest do not trade or speak much with the outside world, and are in constant battle with the humans who are trying to take hold in the forest.

Major cities

Falaichte Nead- The Nest of the elves, Nead is home to the woodland elves and is a secret city of thousands. Many have lost money, mind, limb, or life trying to discover the exact location of the city.

Vnitrozemí- The human city that is in the Forever Forest and rests on the shores of the Crystal Lake. The peoples of this city are a hard people, living in constant fear of not only the monsters who walk among the trees, but the elves they never see.

Pobrezi- The seaside city of humans, this city lives off the backs of those in the forest harvesting the goods and bringing them downriver.

Jaa The frozen city on the Northern tip of the continent does a fine trade of stone and ores from the Frostland Mountains, trading to the East with Cré.

Gauithe Marcáilte

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